When we first met Owen, we were in the middle of deciding and picking officiants; the ink had barely dried from our engagement and we were getting overwhelmed with the many tasks still left to do. From the moment we first sat down with Owen, there was a sense he was different from everybody else. He knew the seriousness of what we were about to do but he wasn't above making some jokes and light-hearted remarks about it either. We immediately warmed to his genuine sincerity.

On our wedding day, he arrived with time to spare and calmly coached us through everything that we are expected to do and told us the things that needed decisions on. Owen adapted as our wedding ceremony ebbed and flowed but maintained his professionalism. He had worked with us before to get a sense of the crowd's expectations and we gave him as much artistic freedom as he needed to fill in the awkward silence that the bride and groom experienced. If at all possible, ask him to stay for the reception because he will break the ice for you in ways you never dreamt possible.

Owen has a way with words, and his cadence as he spoke commanded attention. He knew exactly when to avoid the limelight and when to be at arm's reach. He blends in with the crowd so well that the bride's family will spend the night wondering if he was a friend of the groom and vice versa. In summary, he was indispensable in making our wedding genuinely ours and we'd highly recommend him to any other happy couples.

Eaton and Rina

Owen exceeded all of our expectations as an officiant and Master of Ceremonies for our wedding. He was courteous, punctual, organized, and professional in all aspects. He was able to thoughtfully adapt his program to our personalities, preferences and needs. We could not have been more pleased and would highly recommend his services to all.

Wan and Scott